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Reya from Bangladesh sits at a desk writing. She has shortened limbs and is wearing a pink blouse.

“We need actions: words are no longer enough”

On the one-year anniversary of the Global Disability Summit, campaigners are calling on governments to follow through on commitments they made on disability rights. 

February 2023
Jannatul smiles while standing under a tree.

Sightsavers’ campaign petition for the Global Disability Summit hits 30,000 signatures

The petition, part of Sightsavers' Equal World campaign, calls for governments and global organisations to attend the summit and commit to disability inclusion.

May 2022
A woman and two men stand outside a building. The men, one of whom is sitting, are holding up signs with the words 'Make it count'.

Cameroon approves landmark disability legislation

Cameroon has become the second African country to begin to ratify the African Disability Protocol, which addresses unique issues that affect people with disabilities in African countries.

May 2022
Jeniffer prepares the crops outside her home.

Sightsavers and partners launch US$6 million inclusion and labour rights programme

The Global Labor Program, part of the Inclusive Futures initiative, aims to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities and improve labour rights at two large Kenyan companies.

May 2022
Dr Caroline Harper hands a cheque to Yannis Vardakastanis, president of IDA.

Sightsavers and International Disability Alliance join in $1 million partnership

The unrestricted grant will help to advance disability rights worldwide, enabling the IDA to increase its advocacy work, provide technical assistance and support people with disabilities.

May 2022

Research shows ‘shocking’ exclusion of people with disabilities during pandemic

Research shows ‘shocking’ exclusion of people with disabilities during pandemic

February 2022