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Photo: inside the United Nations General Assembly room Ayon, from Sightsavers' Equal Bangladesh, speaks to delegates. His image is shown on two large screens either side of the UN logo.

COSP17: World leaders must prioritise inclusion of people with disabilities at Summit of the Future and beyond

Speaking at COSP17, Sightsavers’ Equal World called for concrete actions which will advance rights and prioritise inclusion.

June 2024
A graphic showing two people with a town hall in the background. Above the people are speech bubbles showing elections and agreements.

Sightsavers calls on next UK government to commit to disability-inclusive development

With the UK election less than a month away the next government must be ready to meet the country’s commitments to sustainable and disability-inclusive development.

June 2024
Photo: Tapiwanashe Mutsikira seated at a table speaking into a microphone as part of the panel discussion at the UN Civil Society Conference.

Equal World youth champions tell UN Civil Society Conference more needs to be done

Equal World youth champions tell UN Civil Society Conference that more needs to be done to include young people with disabilities.

May 2024
A photo of members of Equal Bangladesh with Dr. Dipu Moni MP, Social Welfare Minister of Bangladesh.

Top moments from one year of Equal Bangladesh

From meeting with political parties, to collaborating with UN agencies, Equal Bangladesh has achieved a lot over the last 12 months.

May 2024
Graphic of three people, one in a wheelchair, in front of a selection of flags.

“Nothing without us”: young people call for world leaders to include people with disabilities

Young people with disabilities have come together at the UN’s Economic and Social Council Youth Forum to ensure they are meaningfully included in the Summit of the Future.

April 2024
Graphic - people sat around a circular table with an image of the world on a screen.

10-point action plan for disability inclusive development

A group of young people with disabilities have created an action plan to make sure international development is inclusive for everyone.

April 2024
Members of the Equal Zimbabwe steering committee and other attendees of the launch event.

New disability rights legislation published in Zimbabwe

The first new legislation on disability in Zimbabwe since 1992 coming just days after the launch of the Equal Zimbabwe campaign.

February 2024
A still from Sightsavers' campaign video, with the text 'Ratify the ADP'.

African Disability Protocol just one country away from becoming legally binding

With Malawi’s ratification of the ADP in December and Nigeria’s hot on their heels in January, we are now only one country away from ratification across the entire African Union.

January 2024
Abia, a women with disabilities, on her laptop

Equal World ambassador puts disability rights on the agenda

Abia Akram recently attended a UN's consultation session and has called on the facilitators to ensure that disability inclusion is a priority for all.

December 2023
Graphic of people campaigning, with the copy: You have made a difference!

Equal World wrapped: our highlights from 2023

It’s been a fantastic year fighting for disability rights around the world, and our supporters have played a fundamental part in everything we’ve achieved.

December 2023
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