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“Around the world, there are one billion people with disabilities. 800 million of us live in developing countries, and more than half of us are women. In many countries, our basic human rights – to go to school, to find a job, to vote, to access health care – are denied. It’s unacceptable that in 2019 disability rights are something we still have to fight for. But if enough of us raise our voices together, we have incredible power to create a movement for change.”

-Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame, member of the UN disability committee and Sightsavers advocacy adviser

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What we're calling for

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  1. The rights of people with disabilities to be upheld
  2. Governments and organisations to show leadership on disability inclusion
  3. People with disabilities to have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives
  4. The UN and world leaders to be held accountable for putting inclusive policies into action
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Together we can end disability discrimination

This year, the UN has published its first disability strategy, committing to the full inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities in all its work. This is a great step forward! But we need to make sure that it translates from words to action, and results in the UN’s member states making real improvements in the lives of people with disabilities around the world.

Our petition calls for global change through the UN and its member states. But we’re also targeting countries to take specific action on disability rights. Join us and take action now by choosing your country from the dropdown list below.


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