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Promise in peril campaign sends a message to world leaders

September 2023

World leaders have received a petition with 48,063 signatures from around the world calling for action to protect disability rights ahead of a major UN summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) next week. 

The petition was handed to ministers around the world this week and sent to all UN missions. It was signed by 48,063 people from 121 countries, calling on world leaders to keep the SDG promise of leaving no-one behind and ensure disability is specifically addressed in discussions on the SDGs. 

UN member states will be attending the SDG Summit in New York on 18-19 September, to make new commitments and assess progress on the global goals. The outcome of the summit will be a political declaration and global and national commitments made by UN member states. 

As the world arrives at the halfway point of the 2030 deadline, progress on the SDGs has derailed – they are completely off-track. People with disabilities are being hit hardest by the lack of progress on poverty and inequality. The promise to leave no-one behind is in peril.

The call follows a new UN report which shows that the SDGs cannot be achieved unless urgent action is taken to include marginalised groups, including people with disabilities, but that they are being left furthest behind in global progress. For example, globally people with disabilities are up to twice as likely to be in poverty and those without disabilities.  

To find out more about the Equal World campaign and the petition calling on world leaders to leave no on behind, please visit: Promise in Peril