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Abia Akram becomes Equal World campaign ambassador

July 2023

We’re honoured to announce that Sightsavers trustee Abia Akram has become an ambassador for our Equal World disability rights campaign.

Abia, a global campaign ambassador and disability rights activist, has been involved in the disability rights movement since 1997, ensuring that women and girls’ voices are heard. She has been instrumental in leading the disability youth and women’s movement in Pakistan and the Asia-Pacific region more widely. In 2021 she was celebrated as one of the BBC’s top 100 women.

She’s a formidable force and holds many roles in the disability rights sector, both in Pakistan and globally. She is currently chief executive of the National Forum of Women with Disabilities in Pakistan, global chair for the Global Forum on the Leadership of Women and Girls with Disability, chair of the Asia Pacific Women with Disability Network, CEO of the National Forum of Woman with Disability and project director for the Special Talent Exchange Programme.

Abia said: “I am delighted to be able to support the important work of the Equal World campaign because this is such an important moment in the fight for global disability rights. As we reach the half way point of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda, this year’s SDG Summit must ensure that people with disabilities are not left behind from global progress. I look forward to working with partners all over the world to get the voices of people with disabilities are heard by world leaders.

“I have the shared belief with Sightsavers that everyone has the right to earn, learn and to live a dignified life. I am thrilled to be able to assist in its work to promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities.”

Sightsavers director of campaigns and communications Natasha Kennedy said: “We’re thrilled to have Abia as a global ambassador for our Promise in Peril campaign. Abia is an incredible advocate for disability rights, particularly for women and girls who often face significant exclusion. We look forward to collaborating with her in calling on UN member states to make sure action is taken at September’s SDG Summit to get the goals, and their promise to leave no one behind, back on track.”

You can find out more about Abia’s work by following her on Twitter: @AbiaAkram

Watch a short clip from Abia on women and girls with disabilities facing further discrimination and stigma.

Abia, a women with disabilities, on her laptop

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