It’s time for action on disability rights

Global Disability Summit 2022

Take urgent action for disability rights

Progress on disability inclusion has been too slow. The clock is ticking… now is the time for action

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until the Global Disability Summit 2022

This petition has now closed with 30,143 signatures from 111 countries. Read more in our news story . Thank you for your continued support.

Many people with disabilities around the world face daily denial of their human rights.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased this inequality, particularly for women and girls with disabilities, and unleashed a human development crisis that has yet to completely unfold.

The Global Disability Summit being held in Norway in February 2022 is an opportunity to address inequality and promote disability rights – and you have an important part to play in its success by signing our petition to governments and global organisations.

We are urgently calling for these global decision-makers to attend the summit, engage with people with disabilities and their representative organisations and make ambitious, properly financed commitments that will result in real change.

Words are not enough. Actions speak louder.


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