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Young voices

We need to listen to and consult young people with disabilities in global decision-making processes.
Use this social media toolkit and help us create a world where no one is left behind!

Illustration of large blocks with SDG symbols and young people with disabilities interacting with the blocks.

Global decision-makers need to listen to young people with disabilities.

They are experts in their own lived experience, and their voices must be heard in the development of their futures.

Although the Summit of the Future agenda includes a focus on meaningfully including young people, UN processes rarely acknowledge the intersectionality of young people with disabilities. This means their voices aren’t heard when decisions are made about their lives and futures. 

How to get involved

How can we plan for the future if we ignore the people who will inherit it?

Young people with disabilities are not being heard. Global leaders need to pay attention and act now to help create an #EqualWorld 🌍

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Young people with disabilities are the experts in their own lived experience and their voices must be heard in the development of their futures.

I am calling for a disability-inclusive #SummitOfTheFuture and an #EqualWorld for all 🌍

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Create your own social media post and download this frame to add your own image!

We would love to hear your personal messages for the campaign. Use the hashtags #PromiseInPeril or #EqualWorld in your posts.

If you are interested in posting more personalised assets for this campaign, please email [email protected] and we will help you to add your own photos and messages to the Young Voices frames.

How will my support make a difference?

1. Individual action

Sharing posts on social media will help us influence governments and decision-makers worldwide.

2. Strength in numbers

The more voices we have, the further our message will spread, increasing its power and its influence.

3. Global impact

When our message reaches key decision-makers, they can enact vital policies that can change lives.

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Happening now on social media

@sightsavers One word to describe the #EqualZimbabwe campaign? There are too many to choose from! Our partners are doing incredible work to protect the rights of people with disabilities in #Zimbabwe #DisabilityRights ♬ original sound - Sightsavers

Useful extras

Accessibility tips

1. Use Twitter’s descriptive text functionality to describe images for people who are visually impaired.

2. Keep links in full rather than scrambling them with a link shortener, so users know what they are clicking on.

3. If using video content with audio, add subtitles so the video can be understood without sound.

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If you have any questions about using this toolkit or about the campaign, email [email protected]

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