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Make sure young voices are heard

We’re calling for global decision-makers to listen to young people with disabilities so they are involved in decisions that affect them. Will you join us?

Young people do not often have a seat at decision-making tables. For young people with disabilities, particularly young women and girls, it is rarer still.

As a result, decisions are made for young people rather than by them, without their knowledge and input, and excluding their unique perspectives and insight.

Our campaign is breaking the news to global decision-makers that this must change. We believe young people with disabilities should have their say on their future and the future of the world they will inherit.

This year, commitments to accelerate the SDGs will culminate in the Pact for the Future, an action-oriented agreement negotiated by member states, agreed at the Summit of the Future in September. Young people’s participation in the drafting of the pact will be essential to ensure no one is left behind.

We are supporting young people with disabilities at global events throughout the year, so their voices are included in the Pact for the Future.

Will you join us and demand that young people with disabilities are included?

Mock-up of a newspaper called The Changing Times.

Read our campaign newspaper

The Changing Times features the stories of young people with disabilities from around the world, as they share their experiences and call for a more equal world.

How to get involved

Read our campaign voices

Disability activists, advocates and campaigners from around the world share their experiences and call for change.

Read the stories

Share on social media

Help us spread the word: share our stories and messages to make sure we have the greatest possible impact.

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How will it make a difference?

1. Individual action

Adding your voice to our campaign will help us influence governments and decision-makers worldwide.

2. Strength in numbers

The more voices we have, the further our message will spread, increasing its power and its influence.

3. Global impact

When our message reaches key decision-makers, they can enact vital policies that can change lives.

Want to hear more about the Equal World campaign?

A girl, who has albinism and is wearing glasses and a mask, sits in a classroom.
Eleven-year-old Noutene, who has albinism, attends an inclusive school in Mali.
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