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for global disability rights

What is Put Us in the Picture?

(Audio described version of the video can be found here)

800 million people with disabilities who live in the world’s poorest countries are invisible at every level: in schools and workplaces, and in global discussions.

That’s 11 per cent of the global population being left behind.

It’s a huge injustice, and a huge loss to the world – financially, politically, academically and socially…

Here’s what we do

We call on the global community to make sure people with disabilities are empowered to participate fully in life. That can mean anything from raising awareness of disability rights, to lobbying politicians and governments, to supporting people with disabilities in developing countries to share their stories.

You make the difference

You have the power to make politicians listen (they act on the wishes of the people who vote for them). Your signatures on petitions, your tweets and posts, your emails and your voice can help spread the word about inclusion and hold leaders to account. When you take action, we get one step closer to making a disability-inclusive world a reality!