A group of young women in judo uniforms sit on the side of a mat cheering.
A group of young women in judo uniforms sit on the side of a mat cheering.

Photo © Sightsavers/Arko Datto

The judo champs: update

What came next for Sudama, Nikki, Janki, Shanti and Sarita?

We met Sudama, Nikki, Janki and Shanti in 2017, and Sarita in 2019. Our country office in India keep in touch with all the young women and have sent an update about how they’re all doing – and we’re thrilled to see that they’ve reached some amazing goals.

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Sudama is currently studying in 11th standard (higher secondary level) with Arts as her major subject, and she aspires to be a teacher. She is also a beneficiary of an inclusive education programme and achieved 72% (distinction) in 10th standard. She has trained other young women on self-defence and also performs judo demonstrations at celebrations of national and international days. Sudama won a bronze medal in 2018 at the national championships and a silver medal in 2019.

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Unfortunately Nikki is no longer taking part in judo, or in education, after getting married. Despite the strong effort of Sightsavers’ partner organisation staff, her in-law family members are not happy to allow her to continue.

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Janki and Shanti

Janki is an active member in the disabled people’s organisation in Jabalpur district,

and has actively participated in district level advocacy work. She is often invited as a chief guest to different communities in Jabalpur. She is also an active member and president of a self-help group that focuses on farming goats. She works as a chief functionary in the group, doing bank transactions and other banking activities, and goat sales. She is also involved in different district government programmes.

Shanti supports Janki, and has a major role in the self-help group. She handles work done at village level. She also works doing daily wage labour activities in her village. She won a judo gold medal in 2017, and also a bronze medal, at the International Championships in Uzbekistan. In 2018 she won gold and silver, and in 2019 she achieved an honour of participation.

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Sarita, after her return from competing at the Commonwealth judo championships in the UK in 2019, was welcomed home with great enthusiasm by her village and district administration. The news of her trip was covered in many leading media houses. Since then she has participated in a national judo championship held in Hyderabad, India, and won a bronze medal for Madhya Pradesh. She is continuing her education and is in the second year of studying for a Bachelor of Science degree. Sarita is continuing her judo practice with her sisters in her college. She’s currently preparing to participate in the upcoming national and international level competitions.

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