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The United Nations has a disability committee that exists to make sure governments uphold the rights of all people with disabilities around the world, as required by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). But to do this, the committee itself needs to fairly represent women, as well as people with different types of disability and people from lower income countries.

Nine of the eighteen positions on the committee are up for election in December, and you can make a difference to the outcome by taking action today – just fill in the form above!

If your country has ratified (fully adopted) the CRPD, you’ll see a pre-written email asking your UN ambassador to vote for equality and diversity.

If your country hasn’t ratified the CRPD, you’ll see a pre-written email calling for it to urgently do so.

Either way, you’ll be making a difference in the fight for disability rights!


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