Early Day Motion: Global Disability Summit Commitments

What is an Early Day Motion?

As part of our campaign for a world that’s inclusive of people with disabilities, there are various tools we can use to engage politicians. An Early Day Motion is one of these tools – it’s a motion submitted for debate in the House of Commons. Although very few EDMs are actually debated, they’re a good way of attracting attention to an issue and demonstrating parliamentary support.

The majority of EDMs get fewer than five signatures – we’re aiming to try and get at least 100 for our current EDM, and you’re crucial to helping us achieve that. As a constituent, you hold more sway with your MP than we do, so you’re far more likely than we are to get a positive response when you ask them to take action.

Find out if your MP has signed our EDM– if they haven’t get in touch with them today!

It’s important to note that not all MPs can (or will) sign EDMs – sometimes because of specific positions they hold, or internal party rules. But we want to get as many as possible to sign EDM 1729. What’s it about? Read on…

Early Day Motion 1729: Global Disability Summit Commitments

That this House:
• recognises the importance of disability-inclusive development; acknowledges progress made at the Global Disability Summit co-hosted by the Governments of the UK and Kenya and the International Disability Alliance on 24 July 2018, and the importance of commitments made to ensure people with disabilities are empowered across the world;
• further acknowledges that the UK has committed to be a world leader in disability-inclusive development working to ensure that no one is left behind in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
• commends the work of organisations, including Sightsavers and all members of the BOND Disability and Development group, in seeking to ensure disability-inclusive development is a priority for Government;
• and calls on all political parties to ensure that every commitment made at the Summit is implemented so that the rights of people with disabilities are respected and upheld in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Find out if your MP has signed our EDM– if they haven’t get in touch with them today!