Children with disabilities have the right to education

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We have now closed this letter for public signatures but you can still take action for disability rights.

To G7 leaders,

It’s time to take action.

We are in a global learning crisis, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and children with disabilities are falling behind at a greater rate than ever before.

Even before the pandemic, as many as 33 million children with disabilities in low and middle income countries were out of school. Many of these children – especially girls – already faced horrifying levels of inequality because of gender and disability discrimination, and some who have been out of school during the past year will never return.

So what needs to happen?

Inclusive, quality education must be available and accessible to children with disabilities, particularly girls. In 2021, you have the opportunity to make this possible and close the education gap.

To do this, you must make sure that action is taken to meet the commitments made in the G7 girls’ education declaration and prioritise the children most at risk of being left behind.

This will take increased investment, political leadership, and global commitment to building education systems that support children with disabilities not just to learn, but to thrive.

The G7 summit in June and Global Education Summit in July are opportunities for governments to make real progress towards inclusive education. They must commit to: contributing to ambitious funding for the Global Partnership for Education; increasing aid for inclusive education; collecting and sharing disability data; and making sure all education plans are gender and disability inclusive.

In 2015, with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, world leaders pledged to create a more equal world that would leave no one behind. Now, as we rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic, you must keep that promise.

By taking action, you have the potential to transform the lives of children with disabilities – we are calling on you to seize this opportunity.

Don’t fail us.

#DontFailUs #EqualWorld

We have now closed this letter for public signatures (10/06/2021).

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