Sierra Leone

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The situation

Of Sierra Leone’s seven million people, an estimated 93,000 or 1.3 per cent live with a disability (although the real number is likely to be closer to the World Health Organization’s global estimate of 15 per cent). Contributing factors include poverty, natural disasters, the eleven-year conflict of the 1990s in the country, a lack of adequate medical facilities. Many children with disabilities are prevented from attending mainstream schools, and this discrimination must stop.

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What we’re calling for

An inclusive education policy must be approved and implemented by the government, to ensure meaningful participation and equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their needs. This will also lead to the provision of specialised facilities, teaching staff and infrastructure, and will allow parents and community members to be more involved in the education of their children across the country.


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1,956 people

signed our call to the government of Sierra Leone to approve and implement the National Inclusive Education Policy.


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