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The situation

There are more than 25 million people with disabilities in Nigeria. Until recently, there has not been any national legislation or policies that protect and guarantee the rights of people with disabilities in the country. Five months ago, the president signed the National Disability Bill, but it has yet to be implemented. As a result of this, people with disabilities still experience significant barriers in accessing education, employment, financial empowerment and political participation. Discrimination is common, especially against women with disabilities.

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What we’re calling for

When the national disability act is implemented, the government will establish a national disability commission tasked with raising awareness of the need for a disability-inclusive society, and tackle discrimination against people with disabilities. Through this awareness, children with disabilities will have access to regular schools, young people with disabilities will not be discriminated against and denied their right to employment, and women with disabilities will enjoy the same health facilities at public hospitals.

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3,595 people

signed our call to the government of Nigeria to implement the national Disability Bill.

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