The situation

In recent years, Malawi has witnessed the unprecedented increase of cases of human rights violation of persons with albinism, including assaults, abductions, killings and grave robberies. Persons with albinism are being targeted for their body parts by those who believe that their body tissue has mystical and magical powers to bring lucky, power and money. As a result, persons with albinism in Malawi are living in fear of losing their lives or having their rights violated in one way or another.

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End the discrimination

Apart from living in fear, persons with albinism also have challenges in accessing essential services such as health, education and justice as most of the facilities are not tailored to their needs. They are generally excluded in most community activities and relegated to the margins of society. Their economic, political, social and cultural rights are compromised in devastating ways, and they are frequently treated as being lesser than human beings in their everyday life.

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3,196 people

signed our call to the government of Malawi to implement the 2018 National Action Plan and to protect, and prevent violence against, persons with albinism.



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