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The situation

Though the 2010 Population and Housing Census report indicates that approximately 3 per cent of the population (or 700,000 people) live with some form of ‘severe’ disability in Ghana, the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations estimates that the real proportion is closer to 15 per cent. In Ghana, many families do not prioritise or invest in the education of children with disabilities, as they are not seen as potentially productive members of society.

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What we’re calling for

To address this, and tackle other inequalities and discrimination throughout the country, it is essential that disability laws are ratified and implemented, and that employment policies promote equal and accessible opportunities for people with disabilities. Key to this is the African Disability Protocol, as it has the potential to significantly improve the lives of people with disabilities in Ghana and other countries throughout the African continent.

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2,718 people

signed our call to the government of Ghana to ratify the African Disability Protocol.


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